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‘Lord, I need a miracle’ was the cry that Tolu Alabi made some years ago when she stood face to face with cervical cancer. Today, she has experienced healing miracle and many other miracles. God has given her the mission to help others receive miracles by faith in Christ Jesus. This book contains real life testimonies of people who have experienced miracles.

This book will inform, impact and transform you. As you read, you will find Hope, Help and Miracle!


Thank you for sharing your story through writing - it is so valuable for readers to see hope at the end of a difficult path. It's clear you've put a lot of time into this manuscript. You have a strong writing voice that does not sugar-coat the experiences but is still loaded with compassion. Regardless of if the reader has experienced cancer specifically, I believe there is much to be gleaned and applied to other difficult situations. You offer a great deal of strength by sharing the source of strength you found in God to overcome.
Pat Wilson.
Wow! This is a great book that will definitely bless thousands and millions out there. Congrats on writing it. It was a great pleasure going through, especially reading your many awesome testimonies.
Rev. Danjuma Byang.